Quick Valentine’s Day Encouragement


Happy #ValentinesDay from me and my boo! We met in Hawaii and I knew it was real when he said he felt like he had been waiting an eternity for me. Or at least that’s what I’m sure he would have said if he wasn’t the quiet type!

From one #single person to another, don’t let Valentine’s Day bring you down. Yes, being single can sometimes be an excruciating experience, but there is always joy to be found when you live in the knowledge that the Sacred Heart of Jesus burns for you!

As the amazingly wise @jackiehillperry once said “Marriage is not the highest glory and singleness is not a curse!” God has a plan, a purpose, and a mission for every season in life, including single-hood. Pray through the ache, rejoice in good friendships, be excited for married and dating couples, throw a quick tantrum if you need to, and then get back to living your life with joy. God sees us and hasn’t forgotten us!